PhD students

Gunilla Backman

Title of PhD Thesis ‘Exploring the integration of a Right to health based approach on PRIME’s mental health care plan: A case study of Nepal’

Charlotte Kuhlbrandt

Title of PhD Thesis ‘Mediating trust and transmitting knowledge between marginalised groups and health professionals: The experience of Roma health mediators in Romania’

Dino Motti

Title of PhD Thesis ‘The use of rapid assessment methodology for diabetes care in North London’

Maureen Seguin

Title of PhD Thesis ‘Resource loss and coping strategies used by internally displaced women in Georgia: A qualitative study’

Andrada Tomoaia-Cotisel

Title of PhD Thesis ‘Exploring the Impact of Primary Care Structure on Patients’ Hospitalization’

Corina Vasilescu

Title of PhD Thesis ‘Socio-economic determinants of health and well-being under different macro-social policies’

Philip Weintraub

Title of PhD Thesis ‘The financing and management of state and local health departments in the United States after the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’

Mateusz Zatonski

Title of PhD Thesis ‘Tobacco control in Poland under communist rule and in the post-communist period’