Measuring the impact of cardiovascular disease on equity and impoverishment

Measuring the impact of cardiovascular disease costs on equity and impoverishment: toward a standardised method in low- and middle-income countries



Study participant with household diary, Cape Town, South Africa

Dates: October 2015-October 2018
Funder: Wellcome Trust
ECOHOST staff involved: Adrianna Murphy, Martin McKee

The overarching goal of this project is to adapt, develop and implement a standardised methodology to capture direct and indirect healthcare costs for CVD faced by patient households in low- and middle-income countries, and the impact these costs have on healthcare utilisation and risk of impoverishment. To achieve this aim, the project uses mixed methods – household survey, household diary and qualitative interviews. Field work is being conducted with partners in South Africa, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. In addition to developing new methods for estimating the burden of CVD healthcare costs on households, this project aims to ensure the policy relevance of research outcomes by engaging local stakeholders in these countries throughout the research process.