Dates: March 2012 – February 2016
Funder: European Commission
ECOHOST staff involved: Martin McKee, Harry Rutter, Keti Glonti
Description: This project brings together a multidisciplinary consortium of 13 organisations in 8 European countries to define the factors necessary for establishing effective health promotion approaches for tackling obesity. Different levels in varying contexts are taken into account – individual, family, organisational, and environments that can change behaviour, lifestyles, and life skills to sustainably reduce obesogenic behaviours in an innovative way. By providing new perspectives on obesity prevention the project supports the development and implementation of effective obesity prevention approaches by local authorities, public health and other practitioners. These perspectives will maximise the use of state of the art knowledge and will help policy makers to invest necessary resources in the most effective long-term prevention efforts. In addition, it will provide a stimulus for health scientists to explore further study possibilities to reduce obesity and the health burden it imposes, and reduce the associated social gradient.
Collaborator: VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam

Key Publications: 

Mackenbach JD, Rutter H, Compernolle S, Glonti K, Oppert JM, Charreire H, De Bourdeaudhuij I, Brug J, Nijpels G, Lakerveld J. (2014) Obesogenic environments: a systematic review of the association between the physical environment and adult weight status. The SPOTLIGHT project. BMC Public Health. 14:233

Charreire H, Mackenbach JD, Ouasti M, Lakerveld J, Compernolle S, Ben-Rebah M, Mckee M, Brug J, Rutter H, Oppert J-M. (2013) Using remote sensing to define environmental characteristics related to physical activity and dietary behaviours: A systematic review (the SPOTLIGHT project). Health and Place Oct 23;25C:1-9

Lakerveld J, Brug J, Bot S, Teixeira PJ, Rutter H, Woodward E, Samdal O, Stockley L, De Bourdeaudhuij I, van Assema P, Robertson A, Lobstein T, Oppert JM, Ádány R, Nijpels G. (2012). Sustainable prevention of obesity through integrated strategies: The SPOTLIGHT project’s conceptual framework and design. BMC Public Health 12:793. DOI: 10.1186/1471-2458-12-793.

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