Dates: April 2010 – December 2015
Funder: Department of Health
ECOHOST staff involved: Harry Rutter
Description: The aim of this project is to examine the impact of structural changes to the health and care system at national, regional and local level in England on the functioning of the public health system, and on the approaches taken to improving the public’s health. The project focuses on obesity and examine the response of local public health systems to the issue of obesity/weight management: the approaches taken by key actors; how commissioning decisions are made; what the resulting spectrum of services/activities looks like; and whether there is any change in the balance of services commissioned, ranging from individual level tier 4 services to high level upstream population approaches. The project aims to provide transferable learning to enable organisations at all levels within the public health system to work together more effectively in their efforts to improve health.
Collaborators: University of Manchester, University of Kent

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