Mental health in Georgia

Dates: May 2011 – October 2013
Funder: Wellcome Trust
ECOHOST staff involved: Bayard Roberts, Martin McKee

Village road, Georgia

Village road, Georgia

Description: This study seeks to measure the prevalence of mental health outcomes including depression, PTSD, harmful alcohol use, and somatic distress among internally displaced persons and other persons affected by the armed conflicts in Georgia. It also examines factors influencing these outcomes, focusing particularly on community-level influences. The research methods consist of a cross-sectional household survey with 3,600 respondents and structured observations of the respondents’ communities.

Collaborators: Curatio International Foundation, Centre for Global Mental Health, The Global Initiative on Psychiatry – Tbilisi

Key Publications:

Roberts B, Murphy A, Chikovani I, Makhashvili N, Patel V, McKee M. Individual and community level risk-factors for alcohol use disorder among conflict-affected persons in Georgia. PLOS One 2014: 9(5): e98299. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0098299

Roberts B, Chikovani I, Makhashvili N, Patel V, McKee M. Tobacco use and nicotine dependence among conflict-affected men in Georgia. Int J Environ Res Public Health 2013; 10: doi:10.3390/ijerph100x000x.

Makhashvili N, Chikovani I, McKee M, Patel V, Bisson J, Roberts B. Mental disorders and their association with disability among internally displaced persons and returnees in Georgia. Journal of Traumatic Stress. 2014.27(5).

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