Healthy Schools London

Dates: April 2014 – May 2017
Funder: National Institute for Health Research
ECOHOST staff involved: Harry Rutter, Andrew Barnfield, Martin McKee, Dina Balabanova, Bayard Roberts
Description: The Greater London Authority’s (GLA) Healthy School London (HSL) programme aims to create a healthier environment for children attending schools in London. This project evaluates the Greater London Authority’s Healthy School London programme in schools within the NIHR CLAHRC North Thames area. The project will first build on the previous systemic review of school-based complex interventions, to develop a conceptual evaluation model. Using qualitative approaches the project team will undertake a process evaluation of Healthy School London’s impact, and in an iterative process, inform the further development of Healthy School London to (i) maximise its capacity to reduce the obesogenic environment (ii) maintain healthy behaviours in primary schoolchildren, (iii) facilitate identification and referral pathways for obese children. The results of this project will benefit children by identifying ways in which schools can promote healthy eating and physical activity, making it easier for pupils to maintain a healthy weight.
Collaborators: Barts Health NHS Trust
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