Health resilience

Dates: February 2013 – October 2014
Funder: Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)
Staff involved: Bayard Roberts, Martin McKee, Vladimir Gordeev, Ketevan Glonti
Description: The project takes place in the context of the worst economic crisis in Europe since the Great Depression. It seeks to understand how some people are better able than others to survive and maintain good health despite experiencing similar levels of economic shock at the individual and household level. The objectives are to identify the factors that promote or diminish resilience to economic shocks; and to evaluate resilience factors at individual, household, community, and population levels using multi-level models. The study involves a systematic literature review and then statistical analysis of the Russian Longitudinal Monitoring Survey dataset during the period 1994 to 2011.
Collaborators: University of Oxford, University of East Anglia
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