Good Health at Low Cost

Dates: March 2009 – June 2013
Funder: The Rockefeller Foundation
ECOHOST staff involved: Dina Balabanova, Martin McKee
Description: To mark the 25th anniversary of the publication of the original Good health at low cost report, a team of researchers at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine along with partner institutions from Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Kyrgyzstan, the State of Tamil Nadu (India) and Thailand has returned to the original research question posed a quarter of a century ago: how can countries with relatively low incomes achieve maternal and child health outcomes that put some countries with similar levels of economic resources to shame? Are the factors identified in the mid- 1980s the same? If not, what new challenges have been overcome, and how? This new edition of Good health at low cost 25 years on draws on a series of new case studies from Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Kyrgyzstan, the State of Tamil Nadu and Thailand providing fresh insights into the role of effective institutions, innovation and country ownership in catalysing improvements in health. New challenges such as increasing urbanisation, a growing private sector and an upsurge in non-communicable diseases suggest that both learning from the past and new thinking are required to strengthen health systems. This edition provides both and is a vital resource for academics, policy-makers and practitioners grappling with how to improve health in low and middle income countries.
Collaborators: The Rockefeller Foundation

Key publications:

Balabanova D, Mills A, Conteh L, Akkazieva B, Banteyerga H, Dash U, Gilson L, Harmer A, Ibraimova A, Islam Z, Kidanu A, Koehlmoos TP, Limwattananon S, Muraleedharan VR, Murzalieva G, Palafox B, Panichkriangkrai W, Patcharanarumol W, Penn-Kekana L, Powell-Jackson T, Tangcharoensathien V, McKee M. Good Health at Low Cost 25 years on: lessons for the future of health systems strengthening. Lancet 2013; 381: 2118–33.

Balabanova D, McKee M and Mills A (eds). Good health at low cost’ 25 years on. What makes a successful health system? London: London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, 2011.

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