Major social change provides both threats and opportunities for health and a detailed understanding of the role of social change on health is essential.

ECOHOST – The Centre for Health and Social Change at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine provides high quality evidence on the impacts of social change on health in the UK, Europe and globally through research, policy engagement and teaching. Within the broad term of social change, we address social, political and economic change. ECOHOST brings together researchers on health systems, policy analysis, epidemiology, health economics, complex systems, and knowledge translation to protect and improve health during times of social change.

ECOHOST is also a WHO Collaborating Centre and hosts the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies.

The core themes of ECOHOST are:
• Health systems
• European health
• Financial crises and health
• NCDs (including mental health) and their determinants
• State fragility and health
• Global health policy

Forthcoming Event:

ECOHOST symposium: New frontiers in public health data, 15 February 2016, John Snow, LSHTM



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